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Looking for a workshop for Activities Week or a Focus day or perhaps you need some inspiration for your unit of work? Look no further! Book one of our professional actors and directors to come to your school to explore the world through the arts! 

Performing and Creative Arts play an vital role in the development of young people.  Increasing confidence, nurturing creativity and creating awareness of the world they live in.  

Many of the performing arts require participants to co-operate, collaborate and be aware of each other.  Specialist workshops such as Physical Theatre and Circus skills workshops demand that the pupils pay attention to each other and respond to general feedback in a safe, productive and constructive way. Physical Theatre courses also encourage the reading of body language and how we communicate non verbally.  

Workshops to choose from


  · Basic Mask 

This workshop is an introduction into the world of mask With the silent Neutral Mask, participants learn to use movement alone to express meaning very simply, clearly and naturally.  Neutral is ideal for helping us break from the limited range of socialised movements we use in everyday life and great for developing chorus work.  The silent Basel Masks are excellent for exploring character and emotions through movement. 

· Commedia Dell' Arte  

A practical introduction to the characters of Commedia, exploring their physicality, characteristics, leading to their very own cannovacci (scene).  Pupils work with 8 character masks, learning to develop their awareness of the audience, their bodies and character development, working with the traditional lazzi. 

· Clowning 

A concoction of physical theatre, slap stick, commedia Dell' Arte and circus, this KS4/5 workshop is designed to enhance students confidence in the art of clowning and someday in an accessible way that gives them a chance to workshop ideas, free their inhibitions and find their true clown. A full day exploring rhythm, timing, concentration, exaggeration, gesture and movement and how these are used in comic performance. 

· Circus   

This fantastic workshop is ideal for children of all Key stages. If you want to experience a fun filled and highly energetic workshop then look no further. We will have your class up on their feet, laughing and doing tricks or routines you never thought they could. The Circus Skills workshop can be incorporated into the curriculum and lessons such as Drama English, Geography & Science. This workshop builds upon a child’s innate enthusiasm and sense of fun to create a truly spectacular circus skills day.